2021 / wearable art

something new is (finally) brewing in the studio…

Back in 2017 I decided to create a wearable art piece based on the word housecoat that had been running through my brain for quite some time. It was a fun project to design and create and after the coat was displayed in a few shows I retired it and it lives on a dress form in my studio.

The other day when I was up in the studio I was looking at it and thought I should do another coat. I haven’t had the urge to create any new quilts but the idea of doing another wordplay coat definitely appealed so I grabbed a sketchbook and started brainstorming on the word coat and then I narrowed it down to one that I think will be a lot of fun to work with: coat of paint.

I looked the through patterns that I had and pulled out the one that I used for the housecoat and a shorter jacket pattern from Great Copy patterns that I think will be the one I will use for this project. It’s a simple pattern, just three pieces with lots of space to add imagery to. I made a drawing of the jacket and started making some very rough sketches of the imagery that I am going to add to it.

Then I made a tracing of the pattern pieces and transferred the lines to large pieces of brown Kraft paper. I’ll draw out all the imagery on the Kraft paper and they’ll be my guide to where everything is going to go. It will also allow me to play with the scale and placement of the imagery before I start doing any cutting. Essentially I am approaching the construction of this project the same way I would if I was making a quilt.

Tomorrow I’ll head to the store to look for fabric to use for the body and lining of the coat. Not sure if I will make this coat using a lightweight wool for the body and my hand dyed cotton for the embellishments like I did for the housecoat. Depending on what I find at the store I could also use a denim or perhaps a wool felt for both the body of the jacket and the applique with maybe some hand embroidery for the details or maybe something else will catch my eye…

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