what’s been happening…

So it’s been a long time since I last posted here – almost 9 months actually – but the thing about a blog is that it waits for you. Even after a long 8 months I can pretty much pick up from where I left off and start a new post so that’s what I’m going to do today…

In my previous blog post last July I mentioned I was experimenting with a new direction combining paper and fabric and I had fun with that for a bit but the attraction didn’t hold so I looked for something else to fuel the creative fire and started spending more time drawing which led to lots and lots of pages of drawn birds which led to the creation of a new quilt, some new pillows for one of my guest rooms and lots of greeting cards which you can purchase in my Etsy shop here.

To say that the past year has been a challenge would be a pretty big understatement. I, like a lot of artists have struggled with keeping my art quilting muse engaged and with the cancellation of the exhibits that I usually make work to submit to, the desire to create any new quilts definitely took a big hit. So I once again find myself at a crossroad when it comes to art quilting. After years of making quilts for competition and exhibits I realize that I’m just not all that interested in it anymore. I’m still interested in making quilts but working to deadlines and within prospectus rules just doesn’t appeal anymore. I’ve got enough ribbons and I’m very happy with all that I’ve accomplished in the art quilting world. I’ll still make quilts but I think my focus going forward will be on making smaller pieces, pillows etc. I really like not having create on a deadline and having the time and freedom to explore the other two mediums that interest me: photography and drawing…

And I’ve been doing a lot of drawing over the last 6 months. I’ve take a few online classes and most recently I’ve been taking some illustration classes from Domestika. Most of the classes are not in English but the voiceovers or the close captioning makes it easy to follow along. The classes that I’ve taken have been very comprehensive with regards to the content – much more so than the few classes that I’ve taken on Skillshare. In one of the classes I’m taking we are working with an ink pen. A challenging tool to draw with for sure…

I found that I really like the line variations that you get with it and enjoy having to work with the unforgiving nature of it – once that line gets made you can’t change it. It forces you to work with and embrace the imperfections. The pen that I have is not the best and it leaks a bit so I ordered a new one from Jetpens and I’ll continue working with this tool once it arrives. I’ve also been working on creating two page spreads in my sketchbook centered around a theme…

I’ve got another sketchbook in process that has an overall general theme of “my whimsical world”. It’s made up of two page themed spreads that are filled with imaginary whimsical drawings of plants, creatures, birds, trees, buildings etc that make up the imaginary whimsical world that I’d like to live in. Who knows, those drawings might make their way into some quilts.

And now that the winter is over and spring migration has started I’ll be getting out with my camera and spending more time with the birds. In fact we’ve already had the canoe out a few times …

Well I think that brings my blog up to date with what’s been going on in my world the last 9 months. Hopefully it won’t be another 9 months till my next post!

3 thoughts on “what’s been happening…

  1. Welcome back! I also like using an ink pen! They are so fun and also unpredictable at times, which is part of the charm. Kinda have to love ink splots!


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