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FREE artist studio bootcamp workbook

So we all find ourselves in a situation right now that is totally foreign to the way we are accustomed to living our lives.  Social distancing, shelter in place, schools are closed, retail shops hanging closed signs on the door and everyday the news gets scarier and scarier.  I’ll be honest, as an introvert who generally avoids crowds and spends more time outside with nature and wildlife when the weather is good and inside my studio working when it’s not my daily routine hasn’t changed much at all.  But I know for a lot of you the unexpected isolation is challenging and uncomfortable so my advice is to take advantage of it and turn it into an opportunity to focus on building your studio practice.

In 2018 I wrote a book called Artist Studio Bootcamp that I self published that you can purchase a hard copy of on Amazon but in light of all the stress we are all feeling and the chaos that is going on around us right now I’ve decided to make a downloadable option for it available free to anyone who wants it.   Yes you read that right, you can download your own copy for FREE so that you can print it out and work your way through it.  Download it and then pour yourself a cuppa while it prints, turn on some background music and head to the studio to take a break from the news and social media and focus on your studio practice for a while.

bookcoverclick the image above (or click here) to download a free copy of this 72 page workbook

If those links don’t work for you, click here to download the file from dropbox.

I wrote it for the artist who is seeking clarity and guidance with their studio practices and artistic development. It is for the artist who seeks to push beyond the level of where they are currently working and immerse themselves in an in-depth study of their studio practices and art making. Topics covered include Past, Present, Future – where you’ve been, where you are and where you want to go, setting goals and developing a roadmap, time management, doing the work, copyright and artist ethics, self critique, dealing with the inner critic, artists statements, bios and the elevator speech, entering your work and dealing with rejection.

I hope it will help you find some clarity and focus in your studio during this stressful time.

If you are interested in some one on one mentoring/coaching time with me, I have slashed my mentoring rate 60% from $125 to just $50 a session!  More info on that here.

9 thoughts on “FREE artist studio bootcamp workbook

  1. Hi Sue. Hope you’re doing well. I meant to download the free copy of your book, which is very generous of you by the way, but life got in the way and so I just tried doing it today with no success. Can you email to me as well? Thank you so much!


  2. Hi Sue. I meant to download your free book but I life got in the way and so I wanted to go back to it. However, I’m not having any success downloading it. Is it still available and if so, can you email me it to me? Thank you much!!!


  3. hi Sue,
    This is so generous of you. Thank you for this gift.
    I’m not sure if its my iOS system that is hindering the download.
    I cannot get it to complete. I tried on both my iPad and my MacBook.


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